Silver Slaps vs Weedwacker Pro

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    Apr 27, 2019
    Schatten RB2A, adjustable bridge, slap/pizz, never arco

    Ive currently got Silver Slaps installed.

    I dont dislike them, but I'm trying to get closer to the Jimbo Wallace tone and I read he uses these. The Silver Slaps are super bright it seems.
    Do I lose decent pizz on the WW Pros?

    Whats the consensus?
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    Jan 17, 2018
    Blue Zone, California
    I'm using SilverSlaps EA and Superior Bassworks (SBW) Deluxe "Dirty Gut" medium DG. It's an excellent mix for feel (including texture, gauge and tension), playability and sound. I play ~45% slap, ~45% pizz, ~10% arco, ~70% acoustic, ~30% amped.

    I started out using a full SBW Deluxe "Dirty Gut" medium set but found the EA just were too quiet acoustically, although they sound great amped. While I've switched out the EA, I've continued using the same SBW medium DG, so have had them on the bass for about 18 months now and they are still going strong. These are basically spiral-cut kevlar-core wackers that feel nice and thick with excellent texture, and look very much like gut. The SBW DG are relatively low tension (although only slightly lower than the SilverSlaps) but have very good volume and play very well for both piz/slap and arco.

    I went to SilverSlaps EA mostly for better acoustic low note volume and clarity, but love their tone too; the growl cuts through nicely. They work equally well amped. I'm not sure how old yours are, but I've been using the SliverSlaps for a year now and while they're well broken in, they're showing no signs of wear. Break-in took 2 to 3 weeks; arco really speeds up that break-in process but for me arco also required generous rosin, a tight bow and some slight technique changes to get them bowing well.

    I'd suggest trying a similar mix if you're not pleased with the full SilverSlaps set. There are lots of string options once you break away from a full set. I'm pretty sure I'll try gut DG sometime in the next few years, but my currrent thinking is I'll keep using SilverSlaps EA on into the future.

    If it's any help, here's a recording of these strings on my bass (Alcoa).
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  3. Jimbo does use Superior Bassworks Strings. I'm not sure which texture he likes, but in his Digital Tour Bus Gear Masters interview (), but they look like the Deluxe set. He used to use steel/gut strings back in the EARLY days of RHH. He then moved to FMI Weed Wackers, and Innovation Psycho Slaps, and now the Superior Bassworks. If you like his tone, he mainly uses the Shadow SH-RB-Pro nowadays, but for a number of years, he used the Blast Cult Channel Blaster. With a good, full sounding bridge wing pickup, you can get a good tone out of Weed wacker strings.