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  1. I ordered the 'light' roadcase for my recent 550 (it's pictured on the TF site). It's very cool... extremely lightweight but very strong and solid (although I would have designed it with more room for cables, etc.).

    The company that makes them is called Cabbage Cases ( I had never heard of them before. They do custom work... these cases would be a wonderful 'in between' case for those of you with AI, iAmp, WW heads, etc. that get a little nervous just using a soft bag like the Mooradian, but don't want a full road case or rack... which kind of defeats the 'small light' advantages of those heads.
  2. PS.... before someone beats me to it... yes, I am a small amp 'head case' :D
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    The Gator GRB3U is a soft bag with plywood inbetween the padding and bag. Space for the TFB420 and a rack mounted tuner, opens front and back. Just bought one, don't have it yet, but I think it will be a good compromise between hard case and soft bag...
  4. Those are nice cases.... just too big for me... three rack spaces and probably 12" or 14" depth. I could fit an AG750 in there!!!! Actually, the SKB stuff is actually lighter and it seems to me actually a little more 'road' ready than the Gator rack bags... if you need the rack thing going.