So, i hope i am welcome too ;)

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by prince666, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. prince666


    Mar 18, 2006
    hey everyone

    name's Steve, maybe someone here knows me from where i used to be a frequent visitor.
    i just found this site, and thought it could be really usefull to become a member.

    i have been playing bass for a few years now, about 6 i guess.
    my gear is a Richwood Jazz Bass (4/blue-white), a JAckson Performer (4/black-black) a samick amp (small thing) and since today a Trace Elliot 1110, gp11.

    bassists: cliff burton, steve harris, david ellefson, james macdonough, patrick dahlheimer and probably more

    bands: the matching ones, metallica, maiden, megadeth, iced earth, live and many more ;)