Speakon cables for my GK and SWR rig

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  1. I searched the archives and did some reading up on Speakon cables. I have a GK 1001RBII head and an SWR Goliath Senior(6x10) cab. I noticed that there is two jacks on both head and cab. Would I want to run 2 cables? I think I read that one of them was for a 50 watt tweeter amp the GK had, and although the SWR cab has a tweeter, the tweeter output will only work with another GK cab.

    Thanks in advance for any input.
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    No. I have the Goliath Senior as well and if you refer to the owners manual you will see that your cab has two 1/4" jacks and two speakon jacks. There is a 1/4" input and output jack and a speakon input and output jack. Plug your amp into either the 1/4" input jack or the speakon input jack on the cabinet.
    SWR manula can be found here:
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    I asked about this in one of my threads as well- you can use a 2 conductor speakon to connect the head to a cab. you won't be able to use the 50 watt tweeter amp though, since the swr doesn't have a seperate tweeter input, it has a passive crossover. :bassist:
  4. OK, Thanks fellas