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Sterling 4HH

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by stonewall, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. stonewall


    Jun 14, 2010
    Last night was my first night switching from my MM Stingray 4 H to my MM Sterling 4HH.WOW am i happy i loved my Ray but found the neck a little fat for me. My main go to bass is my CS 64 Jazz Relic i pefer that neck so the Sterling is a good choice for my second bass.As soon as i played the first song live on stage last night i was in love with the feel it just feels great hanging from the strap on my shoulder.From that point on i experimented with all the different tones offered with the 5 position switch man does this bass offer alot of different sounds and she cuts through the mix.I cant believe how much i can also change the tones just by changing my thumb position placement from the bridge pickup to the neck pickup.Talk about a depth and punch change wow.What a great quality instrument.Its funny how fast i fell in love with this bass.Ive been struggling for the last 3 months trying bass after bass trying so hard to make myself happy with a second go to bass.
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