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  1. I got a bunch of things that I want to purchase on Stewmac and I got some cash on paypal that I would prefer to use for it, however Stewmac responds me with a childish stubbornness that they won't accept paypal.

    It's kind of stupid as I really can't get money down to my bank account (due to the fact that I have bank in one country living in another, paypal doesnt like that), and it's my "turn around on my music hobby money" meaning that I really don't use any cash from our household on my music hobby, hence I don't want to pay them using our (me and wife) bank/cc.

    Any creative ideas or solutions?


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    one solution is to transfer the money from paypal to your bank account, and then make payment from there. It takes a few days, but accomplishes the same goal. It's not a childish response from Stew Mac, it's called policy, this is a mainstay of doing business. Besides with the amount of CC business they do, the 3+% surcharge for paypal is probably much higher than their credit card processors rate.
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    Given the endless horror stories associated with PayPal, I certainly do not blame them...

    AND, what Musiclogic said.
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    or get a Paypal creditcard that can access your money there, but that wouldn't be a quick solution or IMHO a smart one.
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    I hate Paypal an no longer accept it.

    Google and Amazon both have payment services that are much cheaper and easier to use.
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    yeah, just buy the stuff, and have the money transfered, that way, you wont have to wait for the money, or the parts
  7. Wooo,

    Lots of bad experience with paypal I hear here!

    I have been using the pal since 2002 and I was a trader at theBay for a cpl of years and have never had any troubles at all!

    Anyway, I can't xfer the cash to my bank as mentioned, which never before has been a problem for me, and should I do that, I would loose quite a bit in the currency exchange since I have all my funds in USD only...

    Oh well, I guess I just have to cash it from the household money and buy the Miss a cpl of new shoes or something....



  8. It's hard to find, but PayPal has a "temporary" credit card option. It's a one use thing. PayPal gives you a card #, you use it, and the money comes out of your acct. I don't know how to find it, but they do have it.

  9. Is it a US only feature mabye? I tried to find it but with no luck.


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    It's weird to think that money laundering would be the best means of paying for something legitimately :meh: Maybe you could transfer the funds to someone you trust and have them purchase it for you?
  11. Yeah, I have had that with paypal too, they ask a lot of questions if you move a lot of cash on paypal which I occasionally do if I trade a lot.

    And yeah, I have been thinking about that, though I think I just wait until I sell some stuff IRL and cash their stuff in with household CC instead.


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    D.Don....Have you tried LMI? Maybe they would take PayPal.
  14. Yeah, I think they do, but I need that Stewmac Dremel Router Base, amongst things...


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    PM me for the base.
  16. Ay ay captain!


  17. We have an angel among us (probably more but today it's a particular one), and I frakkin love this forum!!

    All problems solved, paypal + personal shopper is now in work!