STOLEN:Deadbird van, u-haul, gear in ohio

Discussion in 'Lost & Stolen Gear' started by Fuzzfarmer, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Deadbird's van, u-haul, and all of the gear was stolen sunday may 29th . Last day of the Emissions from the monolith festival in youngstown ohio. Van was found monday night..damage to backlock and steering column. Empty u-haul found tuesday morning.

    list of equipment from my memory..i dont know much about drums so they arent as detailed.

    AMPEG SVT- AV bass amplifier head (300 watts tubed, silver and grey front) I have SN for this .
    Moosetrap case for the ampeg svt (custom made with 2 inches of foam, first and only one made)
    AMPEG SVT-8x10E speaker cabinet ( tolex torn off both of the sides)I have SN for this.
    Fender Jazz Bass ( "60s style jazz bass, sunburst, has made in Mexico on the back of the neck, dent in wood by bottom strap button, hardshell case with stickers on it) I have SN for this.
    Gibson Firebrand SG guitar ( natural brown, has crack in the neck that has been repaired, had Leechmilk sticker by bridge, brown hardshell case)
    Gibson flying V guitar ( red faded series, missing part of the pickup selector switch, gigbag)
    Sunn Model - T guitar amplifier head ( 120 watt tube, power jack is loose)
    Laney guitar amplifier head ( 50 watt tube)
    Tama Imperial drum set ( red 4 piece with black beauty snare, in rough shape, probably has cymbal stands in bag)
    Sunn 4x12 guitar speaker cabinet ( has 3 wheels)
    Peavey 4x12 guitar speaker cabinet ( peavey in the handles turned upside down)
    Peavey 4x12 guitar speaker cabinet ( has 3 wheels)
    Tube works 4x12 guitar speaker cabinet ( grey carpeted, no wheels)
    Rapco A/B/Y signal splitter box ( still in white box)
    Electro harmonix sovtek big muff ( green, vintage, heavy duty, missing nob on far right, missing paint)
    Electro harmonix big muff (black)
    Electro harmonix big muff ( black)
    Boss pedal tuner ( white)

    any honest people in ohio please help..