Strap Locks for a Penny!

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  1. Description: The chrome straplock guitar strap system to replace the original without any modifications nails and attention, your shoulder strap and security card into the locked position. It is easy to install, convenient to use. 1 x silver guitar strap lock

    "Security card"?!?
  2. Yeah, they're coming from Hong Kong or something.
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    Ah, Engrish, how I miss thee.
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    I believe a penny get's you one. If you want straplocks on both ends of you strap you'll need 2. They don't combine shipping, I put qty 6 in and shipping came to $22.45. Still not a bad deal if they are quality straplocks.
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    Ah, Chlome Stlaprocks. Don't need any, but thanks for the heads up.
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    I have a couple sets of these. There Schaller rip offs. But they work. I have an actual Schaller on my strap and on 2 of my basses have the knock off pins. The Schaller is a little bigger so there is some wiggle room when I use these pins. As long as you have the opining on the strap piece facing towards the rest of the strap it's not going to be an issue. Already done a gig using these (my guitarist to) and had no problems.
  7. A true Lost in Translation story: ca. 1980-81 I worked in a music store after school (best job ever). The owners went to NAMM and returned loaded with brochures and swag, including sales materials for ESP Guitars. The ESP materials trumpeted their innovative new tremolo mechanism that included among its components a "point brock" and a "body brock."
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    Interesting place... Now I know what I've been doing wrong all this time!