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  1. Hello, I was just watching tv, and I saw this band called the String cheese incident. Has anyone heard of them? I am not to familiar with them, but they are really good. The bass player even gets a few bass solos! well, if anyone has heard of this band, tell me what you think, maybe even a good song of theirs. Thanks!
  2. Matt R Miller

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    Apr 27, 2003
    i am a huge SCI fan myself. the bassist's name is keith mosely. they are a jam band from colorado. i know that keith has a least 4 different modulus' that he plays regularly. He's got a fantastic tone. He doesn't do anything thats amazing technically, but his basslines are solid and add a lot to the music. If you're interested in getting into SCI, listen to live stuff. the Carnival '99 2 cd set can be found in most music stores. it's a live compilation from their spring '99 tour. excellent recording.

    edit: as far as good songs goes, the bass on Freedom Jazz Dance is awesome. Also check out Mouna Bowa.
  3. My friends AIM screename was TheLampIncident for quite some time.

    I personally think it is just another trying to be clever and funny ska band name.
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    Dec 13, 1999
    A great band to see live.....they come to play!!!
    I also agree about the Carnival 99 album, a great place to start! Musically they are all over the map....but it works:bassist: I like their live albums better than the studio ones, because I think they show you more of what they are capable of.
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    Living in Colorado, I've seen 'em a bunch of times. Mosely is a solid jam bassist, no doubt, but I personally don't think he really stands out or above anyone else in the genre.

    SCI really made strides, following-wise, during Phish's hiatus, however, there was some sort of bizarre "anti-SCI" movement taking place at the same time which saw a division within the jam-head community. You can scour jam-oriented message boards and you'll find Spreadheads and Phishheads who absolutely detest them.

    Personally, I've cooled on them a bit, especially their latest CD is, frankly, not good.

    Still, I would recommend checking them out as they are excellent live.