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  1. Being a fairly new bassist. I've played around for years never got serious till this year. For 25 plus years I have fiddled around learning songs off YouTube. Now this year I started taking lessons and getting serious about playing. Practicing a lot more than ever. Well I always had just one bass, this past year I have obtained 2 more. For a total of 3 now I always only used Ernie balls. And not playing that much they seem to last a long time. Well when I got the other two basses. I decided to try different name brand and different gauges. Now on my brand new Jackson JS2 which I use the most. I put Jhs Boomers 115-50 on it. On my Washburn Force I put Ernie Balls 110-55 on it. It gets a fair amount of playing time. About as much as the Jackson The Jackson I use for lessons and practice. The Washburn I practice with every now and then. Depends on what songs I'm practicing. Think that it has a different tone than the Jackson. And does better on 80s hair band music. That's just my thought now the Ernie balls seem to have lost their tone substantially compared to the Ghs Boomers. Now on my 3rd I have Dr Fat Beams 125-65 those are doing fine that gets played hardly ever. Just when I feel like practicing a Slipknot song. So I'm thinking about going to String Joy strings and giving them a try. For the reason I seen on their site. Their gauge help section and I filled out the forms. For each base and what I was trying to obtain from the tunings. And for each basd they suggested a different gauge strings. Than what I had been using. I guess you would call it a custom set. I just want to know what people think about the quality of strings. How long they last how's the tone and the playability of them. Now I'll be playing metal and punk. And will be setting up one to C# with a drop B. Because that's how my favorite Bassist bass is tuned. Right now that one has the fat beams. Now being fairly new I don't know if other string manufacturers the same kind of thing. Where you put in what you want to do and they then give you suggestions on strings. So I am basically asking for not only thoughts on Stringjoys strings. But for advice on what are the best type, name brand, material. I am staying with round wounds I like steel but also on Stringjoys site I only seen nickel. Not sure if they sell other material or not. So how much of a difference is there between nickel and steel? And what will the difference be?
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    Brightness, zing whatever word you prefer to use will be the result of steel vs nickel. Little harder on your frets possibly but it has more to do with the pressure you apply to them and the quality of your fret material.
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  4. Do you mean Nickle will have those attributes over steel? The more brightness, zing will be with the nickel? What do you know about the stringjoy strings themselves? anything? Or never tried them?
  5. As a general rule, stainless steel roundwound would be brighter and zingier than nickel-plated steel roundwound.
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  6. I've been a long time user of the D'Addario XL 170 nickel plated roundwounds for my Fender P Bass Special deluxe. Great balance, articulation and punch. They are on the bright end, but without the high end zinginess say of the Rotosound Swing Bass 66's, which were my first strings back in the 70's! I also really like the Dunlop Nickel Plated Medium Lights which I use on my Ibby SR800,which is hot with the Bart pups....tempers the highs even more.
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  7. Never tried string joy before. I will say that the overtones are usually more interesting on steel and that's why I only play steel after trying different nickel combos and seeing that they are usually more tame sounding. My favorite sounds are from Rotosound, Ken Smith rock masters and Dr Low riders. I've tried some Dunlop and peavey they were ok. I'm expirimenting with Dr high beams and they are not quite as aggressive as I was hoping but they do sound good and I can feel the good quality of the string as I'm plucking them.