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string dilemma (i think)

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by JUSS10, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. JUSS10


    Nov 16, 2010
    alright i think this is a string issue but here is the story

    a few weeks back i saw a listing for a jaguar bass on craigslist at a music store, always loved the looks but never played one. well i checked it out and the first note i played, i fell in love. the tone, the feel, everything was perfect. so i talked the owner down and got it for a great price. took it home and honestly thought it sounded and played better than my lakland. it has these weird black coated strings on it and the coating was starting to wear off. the church i play for covers strings and setups so i had my worship leader take it to the shop to get the strings swapped and frets leveled and so on. well i got it back yesterday, and i really don't like the feel. before it played like butter, now it feels clanky and i am quite disappointed. I am assuming its a string thing but I'm not sure. I've always used lakland branded strings on my 55-02 cause i always had the guys at the lakland shop set that bass up.

    So here is the question(s) is there a way to figure out what kind of string i had before on it? like i said it was a black coated string so i thought maybe DR black beauties. they felt "soft" and "fast" on my fingers and had a nice mellow "vintage" tone but they could pop if i wanted them to. i think the guitar tech put GHS boomers on it, 45 to 105 and they just feel clanky and noisy against the frets. is it that they just need to be broke in or can someone recommend a better string to get that feeling back that i had when i bought it.

    Thanks so much, i was really hopping to use the bass this weekend but it just doesn't feel the same anymore :meh:

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