stripped the threads

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  1. Hey, I stripped the threads of my strap lock screw and now I cant get it in, umm anybody have a solution for this? I couldnt find a screw that could fit because the heads are too big.
  2. are you talking about the stap nut? or a strap lock. if its the nut i used gorilla glue and its more solid than it was before. if its the bolt for the strap lock i dont think i know what to do there sorry.
  3. Its the screw .
  4. Fill the hole with toothpicks and glue and reinstall the screw.
  5. Or you can grind down the heads on other screws...

    I did it by putting the screw shaft in a drill chuck and just ground it down.
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    I like to use saw dust mixed with Tite-Bond glue to fix a stripped hole in wood.
  7. The Golden Boy, I did what you said, the new screw fits now :D.