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    We have had a few gigs at a club and wanted to flesh out the songs a bit. We predominately are a 3 piece in a oldies/yacht rock vain. Last week was the tone-deaf sax player that A- didn't know our tunes
    and B- didn't play in tune. He's off our list for good.
    This week we had a keyboardist that we'd use previously a few years back. He's a schitz, but overall a strong player/singer. We suspected he had some demons. He reached out a few weeks ago that he was back in New York State and looking to gig. We put him in for last nights gig.
    He showed up in full Miami Vice fashion- white & tight jeans, gator boots and a snootful of cocaine. Yeah. He was missing cords and cables, and thus unable to get his keys to his stage amp. He's in the midst of a meltdown, so I help the guy go direct to the board/monitors. (I hate that scenario)
    The first half dozen songs were ok, although he's playing everything in 16th notes. Then the volume race burys everything else. We started the Stone's "Bittersweet Symphony" and he stops the song, it's too slow (FYI-he started the song). He does the same on the second try and then screams into the mic "I'M ON DRUGS AND CAN'T PLAY THIS F-ING SLOW!!!" Luckily, the crowd thought it was a schtick and laughed like mad. He restarts at about 185BPM and blasts through it. I finally stoped playing bass and he was so loud no one noticed for the entire song. I told him to turndown or I was leaving. He started shouting at me about a host of offenses that were my fault, not his.
    By the second set he was in a crash hole and pretty much unfunctional. He would nod out then come back and play a bit with one finger. Fortunatally our guitar player/singer really stepped up his game and we had a great gig despite the keyboardist's best efforts to destroy the whole thing. Needless to say, he too is off the list. It's too bad the dude has such a monkey on his back. He has had some great gigs at Disney and some of the cruise lines. Now he's in his late 60s and living with his parents trying to score cash for his nose habits. We are the only band that was willing to give him a shot, and now that is over. He's one of the last surviving cocaine cowboys trying to live like it's still 1985 and the party will never end.
    We have no subs scheduled in the near (or far) future, and I think it'll stay that way.
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    Yikes! Can't imagine doing a full gig with... that...
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    That's rough. Sounds like this guy was more interested in a party than the gig. Hope you have better luck with players in the future.
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    Aug 7, 2014
    Maybe try to find a full time fourth member who is reliable?
  5. Whoa! that's quite awful.
    On a happy note -I love Yacht rock!