Sunn Concert head w/ Ampeg 610hlf?

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  1. This is my first post on Talkbass! Invite anyone to get this a’movin!

    I’ve been searching like crazy for a new rig. I’ve been playing on a fender rumble 500 limited edition that needs a couple pedals (mxr 10 band eq, boss compressor cs3) to tame into tones I need and I play mostly finger style on a Fender FSR Pbass with medium rounds and flats sometimes and a dish foam scrubby under the strings for more solid thump motowny tones and less growl out of this amp. I’ve seen bassists play all nice clean tones with this exact bass head (4 red knobs, white power switch.. you know the one that looks rad!) paired with some sort of ampeg cab. I personally also like to remove the foam and let ‘er rip out old Green Day tones. So any and all guidance and details I’d appreciate.
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    Why would you pick such an horrible user name? :rollno:
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    Vomit is never pretty, even the word itself is intense.

    As far as 610, it's not to far from 810
    Do it, no regrets
    You'll love it with the Sunn
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  4. Ahhhhh muhhhh gawwwd I'm so pumped!!! Can you give more details or refer me to someone on Talkbass? I'd really appreciate it! Such as what do you mean about the 810? What are the differences between those two cabs through this Sunn head tone-wise? I passed up the 810 bc I'm a tall and lanky guy and my current car would absolutely not carry the 810. The 610 is still going to be a bitch. Also, what all do I need to look out for/be aware of when using this really old Sunn Concert Bass head? What should I never do with it to avoid damaging the old technology in it? I always take the time to bring my vintage purchases to my local tech for inspection to tell me as much as he can like what's original, what's not, or what needs repairs etc to ease my anxiety about older gear crapping out at a show bc I didn't take the time to research how to properly take care of my gear.