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  1. Went to the Erodium Swap Meet last Monday. Was just browsing around when a vendor unloaded unloaded a Crate Bass Head. I have never seen one like it. It was a CR-285B by slm, 150 watt amp that was in real good condition. I asked the guy how much. He said $40.00. I countered with $30.00. He said yes. Got it home and set it up. Powered right up. I was pleasantly surprised. Had a good tone and has a good volume level. I love this amp. Question, Im playing it through a 115 Ampeg Cab(whats left of my BA-115 combo). It sounds great but is it a safe match. Also whats the story on this amp?
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    Oren Hudson

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    Crate makes some great stuff. I don't know anything about that model, but your match is determined by the ohm rating of the cab and the head. The cab's ohms can not be lower than the head's ohms. On SS heads, your maximum performance is with a matched cab and head ohm rating. :thumbsup:

    PS - BTW - great deal.
  3. Unless the amp has some weird impedance load requirement you're good with what sounds good until you turn sonething up too far and it starts to sound bad.
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