TB converts another?! My P bass w/ Flats experience...

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by RobTheRiot, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. RobTheRiot


    Aug 31, 2016
    las Vegas, nv
    Tort. P-Bass w/ flats. Tort. P-Bass w/flats....

    (TL;DR - finally tried flats on a P bass, I was very happy to say the least...)

    On & on & seemingly endless, the preaching of what makes the best classic bass sound finally got to me.

    I like roundwounds... I’ve tried flats years ago, and didn’t dislike them, but on a fretted Bass (I have flats on my fretless) I prefer the sound & feel of roundwounds. I like the snap, the extra “sizzle” you get on the high end - clarity and definition - with rounds, and that can generally be eq’d out if you need a flatter sound.

    BUT - the other day I was looking at this box of DR flats I’ve had sitting around a while (don’t remember why I got them), and looked at my purty, refurbished Ibanez Blazer. I then realized I have a few P Basses w/ rounds, but NONE with flats. WHAT KIND OF BLASPHEMOUS, FAKE TB MEMBER AM I?!

    I like having as wide a variety of sounds at my disposal as possible - a tool for every job. So I took the brand new strings off the Blazer, put on the flats, and started playing. I wasn’t sure how I felt - it was definitely more “thuddy” than rounds, comfortable to play, and def old school sounding.

    Wasn’t sure how it’d fit with my band, but I brought it to work last night, along with my normal workhorse bass in case I just wasn’t digging it.

    Plugged in, and....
    **HOLY BEJEEBUS!!!!!:bassist::bassist::hyper::thumbsup:

    I never heard such a rich, full, sub-harmonicly complete (does that make sense) sound come from my amp. The amount of bottom had me immediately check my EQ settings, sure that the bass knob had sonehow gotten jostled up to around 9 or 10.

    I was blown away. Plenty of sustain, which was one of my concerns, plenty of clarity & cut to the sound (not as much, but that’s expected), and the richness & fullness of the sound was incredible. I ended up playing the entire show with it, and 4 hours later my opinion had not changed a bit from the time I hit the first note.

    Absolutely incredible. I’m curious to hear how they age, but I’m hoping they don’t change too much. This bass is keeping flats on for life.

    Now granted, I hadn’t played this bass out since I’d gotten & refurbished it, but I have a number of old IBBY’s with these Super P4 pickups in them. I think they’re great p/u’s, but I’ve never heard a sound like this. So although I don’t have a direct comparison with different strings/same bass in a live setting, I have a pretty good basis for understanding the strings effect in the equation.

    Darn you TB - I would always read “P bass w/flats” and chuckle, haha, good ole TB w/ these members set in their old school ways... well, I admit, flats on a P sounds freaking amazing. I don’t see myself changing out all my Basses tomorrow, but I’ve definitely seen the light..,. And this bass will be working a lot!

    ....now where can I get a new Tort pickguard. :woot:

    (Now, just cuz everyone likes pics...)

    C7CDA8F3-FC27-4462-8E80-F422FA3EDAE8.jpeg 4CFC5053-A261-4953-A454-65AA5316F8A8.jpeg
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