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  1. Chris Summers

    Chris Summers

    Let me start by letting you know That I am new to playing bass, used to play guitar in a band so this is my first go around on the base. That being said I have a fundamental lack of knowledge when the concerns of bass gear comes into question but the respect and understanding that it is a rich and complicated instrument with a ridiculous amount of technical knowledge required to get tone and quality sound dialed in. So I apologize upfront for the fact that I know little to nothing we are about to discuss.

    back story info: started playing bass for a Midwest hard-core band, think Every Time I Die, loud and nasty. They have been running a Behringer 200 W through an Ampeg 8 x 10 and pushing it to its absolute limit. Absolutely loud and horrible tone quality with zero clarity. I purchased a TB500 and plugged it into the Ampeg, got some decent clarity a little lack on the low end and definitely a huge difference in volume, much quieter now.

    What the goal here is, is to get a cab or cabs which ever suits the purpose, to increase the volume and low end. After putting a quality bass head on that Ampeg it’s become very clear that this road worn cab is not what it used to be.

    my thoughts were to get an OBC 115 and plug a speakon into it and another speakon into the Ampeg (500w by 4ohms should do the trick right). My thoughts are that the OBC 115 will carry a nice clear low end while the top half of the Ampeg 8 x 10 will deliver some clean higher end. That being said I honestly have no idea what the hell I’m talking about.

    once again I apologize for my lack of knowledge in this arena and greatly appreciate you’re help. I hope I’ve provided all the pertinent information for you folks to make your recommendations. The only other thing I could think to add is that the guitarists in this band are overdriving the hell out of a couple avatar 2x12 with a massive load of squeal and feedback, think the Chariot, so that’s what I have to compete with.

    eta:Forgot to mention they bi-amped the Ampeg before, another 200w head, split into the top and bottom half’s of the Ampeg, that’s how they drove it so hard and why the sound quality was so awful.
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  2. Your probably going to get a whole lotta suggestions here. I currently have my Orange TB running through a 4 ohm Avatar 210. I get a decent amount of low end as well as really good highs and mids. Me personally I’m leaning towards another Avatar cab just a 410 for a slightly bigger volume. My back however loves the 210. If you like the Ampeg sound you might want to try their 410 or 610 HLF cabs. Great low end response for both of those cabs.
  3. Chris Summers

    Chris Summers

  4. Chris Summers

    Chris Summers

    Ive seen how some of these threads go. I’ve read a handful of other posts on here and seen a ton of suggestions but now one was really asking the questions I was which is why I made the post. I’m definitely not committed to the Ampeg sound, this is mostly biased because I hate the sound they have been going with for the bass parts this far. The boys already use avatars maybe I’ll look into those. As long as I can increase volume without a loss of quality. It’s just so typical for hardcore bands to have the bass be an unintelligible blur of blobby overdriven crap, I want to avoid that. thank you for your suggestions.
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  5. You can’t go wrong with an Avatar cab. Rugged and great sounding speakers plus it will cost you only about half to any other name brand cabinets.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    So a 200 watt behringer was louder than the 500 watt orange through an 810?

    How did you have the settings on the orange?
    Are there "contour" or "shape" or "voice" controls? My guess is either eq or mis-handling of a preset. Are you killing the mids and/or cranking lows? Don't do either, really, if you want to be louder. Try eq straight up noon, dime master, use gain as volume, disable or full counter clockwise any shaping stuff. Work from there to taste. If you want full bore drive from the amp set gain high and use master as volume instead.

    No way adding a 115 helps here. I think this is an eq/ settings problem.
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  7. Chris Summers

    Chris Summers

    I misspoke, it was 300w at 8ohms. But still obviously less. They had it bi-amped, one head at 200w one at 100w each plugged into its own respective input on the cab. I set the terror to 4ohm where it puts out 500w and went with one of the speakon out into the cab. Set everything to noon and balanced eq from there but when we played I just couldn’t be heard and I am absolutely baffled by this. I’ll definitely try your suggestions tonight. I am picking up a second speakon because the cab has dedicated top and bottom half inputs at 8ohms and we were using the one 4ohm input on it last time. so I’m just trying to trouble shoot at this point. Once again thank you and sorry for my lack of knowledge here.
  8. Chris Summers

    Chris Summers

    Totally forgot to thank you for the welcome. Glad to be here and try to learn, bass is far more complicated than people that don’t play it are aware.
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