TC Electronic Corona Chorus - tried one?

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  1. Evening lads,

    I managed to scoop a used TC Electronic Corona chorus pedal this afternoon, from the Bass Direct store in Warwick, England. I had only been turned on to their used pedal section a couple of days ago so I was pleased to find something I could use there.

    My attraction to this pedal was the fact that I'm in love with Jeff Berlin's tone. From every era of his music and the subtle differences, he has largely gravitated to a very clean, distinctive sound. I've been researching options to help recreate that tone in my own musical efforts and I've discovered that he had a longstanding association with TC Electronic when it came to the chorus pedal he used (and chorus has been a big part of his tone, especially after the turn of the Millenium).

    Jeff currently uses an EBS bass chorus but I was interested in picking up a TC Electronic chorus pedal (I will also get an EBS pedal at some point). From what I could find online, I was pretty sure he used a TC chorus pedal but I couldn't confirm the model because he won't even name TC as the maker of the pedal he used (the reasons for this are documented in interviews he has given over the years). However, I can't see that TC offer another chorus so I'm taking a gamble on the pedal I found for sale today in the hopes that it helps me to make some great sounds!

    I've not checked any demo videos yet but I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has used this pedal before and what their thoughts are. I don't expect to take delivery until next week anyway, so I will have time on my hands waiting!
  2. Le Basseur

    Le Basseur

    Mar 26, 2002
    Have the Corona (full-sized,not the mini) for a year or so.Very tweakable,very dependable.And one of the best mid-priced digital choruses out there,sound-wise.
    Not sure about your JB reference but AFAIK it could be done with a little tweaking via editor.
  3. How's the bass response with the Corona and Vortex? With the help of the tone knob obviously? The cheapskate in me is thinking Bass Clone, but there is also the MXR Chorus Deluxe with the Flanger built in, or Boss.

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