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Thinking about a new EUB...

Discussion in 'Electric Upright Basses (EUB's) [DB]' started by bluesbass0945, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. OK, folks. I've been a KYDD player for over 7 years, but I'm thinking about something new. Anyone out there had experience with the Zeta Crossover and/or the Azola Gypsy? These are the two at the top of my list (followed closely by a Big KYDD) and I'm interested to get any feedback from the faithful. I play mainly blues with some jazz, country and "singer/songwriter" stuff thrown in the mix. I've had a great time with my KYDD, but I'm looking for an instrument that is not as finicky when it's string change time. I find that I spend a good deal of time re-adjusting the bridge and pickup placement and I'm looking for alternatives. I've emailed Jill at Azola but, after almost two weeks and no response, I'm wary (even with all the good things said here and elsewhere). I've heard good things about the Zeta but the last time I played one (years ago, mind you) I wasn't too impressed. Also, I'm very skeptical about the MIDI implementation and whether or not it would be worth it.

    I'm not interested in a small double bass (got one) nor am I interested in a 40"+ scale instrument. Any informed opinions on these instruments?

    BTW - quick follow up, I got a PM from Jill at Azola just after I made this post. My original email must have gotten lost. Thanks for the quick resonse, Jill!
  2. Hi jw.
    Did you try to search the forum?
    "Zeta Crossover" gave me ten threads besides yours, and "Azola Gypsy" gave me four threads with yours.

  3. Yes I did, and that's why I posted. Virtually every thread hit simply mentioned the Crossover or the Gypsy but did not supply any useful information. Mostly they advised a 41-42" scale instrument or to abandon the EUB altogether and go to a double bass. That's not what I'm looking for and I'm hoping to get opinion and advice from folks who can provide information on the specific basses I'm looking at.
  4. I have the Crossover and love it. I use it when I play straight ahead rock. Really nice deep tone. The neck is a little thin for most poeple though. It's scratchy when played arco but I believe most EUB's are. I looked into the MIDI but too many bad reviews discouraged me. The latency is too high.

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