Thomann Double bass neck D or Eb

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  1. Mister Cbass

    Mister Cbass

    Jun 30, 2011

    I was sure that the double bass thomann was made with a EB neck ( german)....
    In fact that's not the case.

    If it could help other db players, I've found some informations.

    DB 11.22.33 ---> D neck
    DB 1.2.3 --> Eb Neck
    DB 111 --> D neck

    The 1.2.3 are made by Struna, 11.22.33 Hora, 111 Chinese

    So a 111 ( it's probably the same for the rockab )
    Db 11 here D neck

    and the Bohemi an in the massive ( Strunal) is a serie
    Eb NECK

    The same ways for the hybrid 22, 2. and carved 33, 3

    For information the thomann electric upright bass db01 + 02 was made with a D neck.

    My 2 cents.

    it could be cool if other db owner give us information about the neck diapason of other brand ( gewa, stentor, etc).

    Have a nice Day

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    Very helpful, thanks - tho I still have to find one of their basses (in their shop) which has a playable setup... but I'll go there again I think, just for that purpose.