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Thoughts on Washburn Taurus 4 string??

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by deathbloomslife, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. I'm planning on buying a bass to hold myself over while I do a project bass (giving my PV to my girlfriend, which will leave me bassless... its her b-day gift, so yeah, good reason to give it to her.) that I'll be doing over a period of time as I have limited funds and a bi-weekly paycheck.

    I'm looking at ESP and Ibanez basses, mainly the B-254s ($454) and the BTB400s ($500). My local shop has a Washburn T24 hanging on their wall, and I've banged around on it a few times, and love it. the mahogany neck through feels so great, the tiny sculpted body is very comfortable, and it has a nice weight to it.

    My only gripe about the bass it the electronics, If I do attain the bass I'll be dropping in a Bart. 4.6a/p. I was also thinking some matching Bart. p'ups too.

    Have any of you any experience with this bass??? Please share any experience good or bad...

  2. My girlfriend has the bass in the link here. I will say for 300 bucks, it is a really great playing bass, nice sound. The neck feels real good too, havent played it in a while so I cant get real specific, sorry. But one thing I do remember about it is that it has some mad low action with out any string buzz.

    Edit: Oh, sorry. Missed the part where you said its a T24. ok then, proceed
  3. vic_6


    Dec 19, 2004
    Manila, Philippines
    hey, well, i have the t25. it's been with me since i started, which was around 4 years ago. it's a pretty steady bass. does its job pretty well.

    i've used it in various band settings (rock, metal, funk, pop, and some jazz) and it's always pulls thru. although in my metal band, i occasionally pair it up with my sansamp. just to boost it though since im playing with two guitarists wit 7strings. anyway, im pretty happy with the tone i get from it.

    and recently, i placed a push/pull switch on mine for series/parallel and i love it! now i never use my sansamp unless the amp in the venue is real crappy.

    never had problems with it. action on mine is incredibly low.
    the only thing i dont like about it is its neck heavy. oh and the cavity was really really dirty.

    but i've seen others which didnt seem like mine... like weird finishes, problems with frets and chipping off coating on the wood.

    i dont think washburn's got good QC. im lucky i got mine in good shape. so try it first and be picky.


    EDIT: i forgot to mention that the pick ups werent of standard size which has been a big problem for me...dunno about the t24's though