Tobias 'Toby Pro' 2003

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  1. Any info on this would be really appreciated...
    Toby Pro.
    Serial No. relates to Unsung Korea 2003 using Epiphone check.
    It has a one piece natural body and one piece bolt on neck, Rosewood fretboard?
    Diamond control configuration (4)
    24 frets.
    Horn to 15th fret.
    Mother of Pearl 'T' logo on Black headstock.
    Serial No. is printed on the plastic 2 piece cover on the back. Made in Korea sticker.
    I can't find any like it on the internet. I know it resembles the low end 'Toby' But the spec seems too good compared to the modern (2 piece body/ 2 piece neck, white logo)
    Any extra info... Thanks in advance. John. UK.
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