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Took the Plunge got a palatino electric

Discussion in 'Electric Upright Basses (EUB's) [DB]' started by Nohandles, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Well I did it this week and ordered a Palatino. I debated buying one for a year but this winter is really been tough on my crushed discs. With 2 practices a week and both in basements the full sized basses are not getting it for me. I have read all the threads and other articles on the Palatino and I'm sure it won't rivel my King Studio Master or even the Ole Swing Master I have but I am sure I can get the sound I want out if it with a little time and some $$$. I do my own work and have build stringed instruments for 25 years. I will post when I have it the way I like it. The only cosmetic thing I am going to do right off the bat is refinish it to blond. I don't like the finish they did for it. Anyway this beats the price of a new Eminence (not the sound) for now at least but I'm sure I will get one in the next few years
  2. In that case the Palatino should suit you - I got the impression that their basic woodwork was OK but the bridge, strings, pickup & tailpiece all needed upgrading. And the finish, like you said.
    I was about to do the same before finding a local who made me a nice bass for about the same price (Palatinos retail at $1599 in Australia).
    The Palatino would be an ideal candidate for a DIY piezo (www.fittell.id.au.piezo) using the 6" MSI piezo film.
  3. I can sympathize with that. As much as I love playing my acoustic, negotiating a narrow staircase and playing on a concrete floor does make an EUB a better choice at times. Except for recording of course !