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  1. So at this moment I am torn between two rigs I really want and obviously can't afford both. I currently play through an Ampeg Micro-VR w/ two SVT210's. I have been going back and forth wanting a Hartke LH1000 and HyDrive 410 cab. But THEN comes along the Ampeg PT-50T w/ PF115HE that seems much more portable when the need arises. I should also mention I'm in the early transition of switching over all my basses to an all Sire V7 lineup (4-string, 4-string fretless and 5-string). I love Ampeg and have stuck with them for decades now but the Hartke stuff keeps taunting me. Maybe I'm just going through a mid-life crisis but I'm so undecided right now that it's killing me.
  2. The Ampeg is going to sound like your current setup, only likely a little better. The Hartke will have less "flavor" in the tone, but that head pushing a 410 will be a LOT louder than a 50 watt Ampeg into a 15.

  3. What are your realistic volume needs?
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    50 watts vs 1000 watts - if you need more than 50 watts, your decision is made for you. do you - or might you - play in a band?

    btw, i LOVED the hartke LH1000 through the GK Neo 4x10 - just amazing sound.
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  5. Not needing a huge amount of volume but enough for small club, bar, at home practice situations.
  6. If you were looking at a louder cab, then the PF50 might cut it. With a single 15 though I have my doubts. Adding to that, I would never recommend a 410.
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    Yeah, the biggest functional difference between those options is that the 4x10 rig will be much louder. If you're going to be playing in situations where a half-stack makes sense, that should make your decision for you.

    Otherwise, those are two pretty different tone profiles. Whichever one sounds better to you is the clear favorite.
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    That is comparing Apples to oranges as far as tone is concerned.
  9. I realize it's two completely different rigs tone-wise as well as power. I think what my mind is telling me and what my heart is telling me are two completely different things as well lol. I'm pretty sure as much as an Ampeg nut as I am, I just want a completely different sounding amp with what I'm going for currently. Bright and poppy is what comes to mind with Hartke whereas Ampeg give out that warm tube vibe. It's taken a while to figure out what I really want but I'm pretty sure I got it now... Unless Aguilar starts giving me G.A.S., which isn't out of the realm of possibility at this point.
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  10. Get the tube amp and put it through the VR cabs. Cute stack.
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    Downunder has a good point. Keep the 210AV cabs, pick up the 15 so you can have the ultra-portable rig. Stackin the 210s vertically should make very efficient use of 50 watts!! The PF50T also has a few choices for DI out. You have to be patient though as they arent shipping again til late january, after being delayed since mid november.

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