Transporting EUB in softcase

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  1. Andy089


    Dec 1, 2011
    Dear Bass Community,

    I know this isn't directly bass-related, however, I don't know where else to post this:

    I own a Stagg EUB, but I have it at home in Austria (I live in Ireland now) and I would like to bring it over.
    The problem is, I only have a softcase for it and I don't really feel comfortable checking it in when flying. It's also too large for cabin luggage.
    I can't send it via Mail as it exceeds the maximum size and a courier service I asked (DHL) wouldn't send it as they generally don't send music instruments.

    Is there any way you know to get that bass from A to B?
    (Other than buying a plane ticket for it - paying 150€ to bring a 270€ bass over doesn't sound like a good plan)
  2. You can try to unmount it into two parts (by removing the strings and loosening the four screws on the back). It will get about 50 cm shorter that way. Maybe that is short enough for transport?
    Of course you need to make/find a box for secure transport since you cannot use the soft case (at least for one of the parts). BTW, the soft case could be folded rather well without damage.

    All of my Staggs (that I got from Ebay) were send inside of Germany by Deutsche Post/DHL. Stagg in softbag inside a thick cardboard case.
    Shipping inside of Germany was 10 Euro I think, but they might have got a discount on many shippings.
    I still have all three cardboard cases in my basement (one of them a bit damaged): 183 x 23 x 18 cm.
    Shipping through Europe is a lot more expensive, of course and limits might apply.