Trinity microphone with fishman preamp (would that work ??)

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  1. I am a bassmax user (on the G string side), with fishman preamp and trace elliott combo amp and I am always recording my jamsessions with a minidisc with the sony microphone ECM-something. On the recordings, I sound so much better unplugged !

    I came to the conclusion my next step was a microphone. Since I love K&K's products and the price is good :

    -Can I use the trinity solo with my fishman B2 preamp ??

    -Can I combine the trinity and the bassmax with a Y-wire and through the fishman preamp ?? (And get decent results ?)

    -Are the K&K preamps much better than fishman's ?
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    Not sure about your main questions , but just wanted to comment on the Trace Elliott combo amp - I hate these things!! ;)

    Sorry about that - now to be more objective - I've discussed this before many times and it is definitely the case that TE amps are "coloured" with a bias that suits rock music, but to my ears is horrible for faithfully reproducing what comes into it!

    In England - TE gear is very common and every rehearsal space seems to have one of their bass amps - and I notice a huge difference when I play through one of these and when I use my own gear - EAVL208 cab - which is great for DB and EUB , with Eden amp - or through a small GK combo.

    Anyway - my feeling is that TE gear may suit some players, especially for rock BG - but it doesn't faithfully reproduce an acoustic tone - so maybe you should look at this first...?
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    You can use the Golden Bullet Mic with the Fishman preamp, but you'll have to purchase the kit with the small interface box with the 1/4" output. Condenser mics like the Golden Bullet require a power supply, and that Fishman preamp does not have that facility.

    No. For the same reason as above, you'll need to power the mic, and besides, I doubt the signal levels would be equal. You'd need a two channel preamplifier with the capability of powering a mic.

    The Golden Trinity Upgrade system would give you both the mic and the appropriate two channel preamp.
  4. Thanks for the advise Bruce, I guess you are right, Trace Elliot aren't the best for the upright. I'll try to trade it for a SWR Workingman.

    Thanks for the expertise Bob. I'll save pennies for a while to buy the trinity upgrade, i guess.