Trouble with MarkBass head

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  1. Alright so I have two pots that are realy scratchy on my markbass 250blackline .and now the scratchy ness is even there when I play. I bought it about 9 months ago I know they have two year limited warrenty but I contacted them though the vst us people thing and they will not be in operating until April 14. I have also read the threads about how terrible there warranty service is so do I send it in or not.
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    I have a couple year old SD800 and the volume pot is starting to be scratchy. I sent an email to Riccardo this morning and he replied within minutes. Here's what he wrote; "It’s difficult to diagnose by email, scratch could be related to dust or oxidation… did you try to turn clockwise/counter-clockwise more time them with the amp off and then turn on the amp to check if this operation removed possible dust issue? If that doesn’t help you’d try with a contact cleaner spray."

    Here's his contact info;

    Riccardo Damiani
    Mark World Artist Relations
    Online Customer Service
    Via Po, 52
    66020 San Giovanni Teatino (CH) ITALY
    Tel: +39 0854463755 Fax: +39 0854407764