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  1. So I was at Sam Ash the other day screwin around with their 6 strings, when I find this bass made by this random company called TUNE. You can see it here
    Anyway I was playing it unplugged and it had a great feel, with a fantastic setup. I asked the guy and he said that TUNE is a new bass company out of Korea. I never got to plug in because I had to go and another guy was using the amp.

    Has anyone ever tried one of these? How do they sound? are they reliable? I need to know everything because I might buy this bass, but their website is in Korean and their is little to nothing about them on the internet.

    Thanks ya'll

  2. rdhbass


    Jun 28, 2003
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    Tune basses is not a new company as they were originally located in Japan and made and still make custom basses. Their better basses were the Bass Maniacs and others. what you are getting from Sam Ash are probably not made in Japan, but are outsourced from Korea or China and are cheaper made probably. On the Tune website you can see the better models that can only be bought directly from Japan as far as I know.