Tusq saddles on a Bass VI?

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  1. ChristoMephisto


    Sep 4, 2011
    I have some Tusq saddles from a Bigsby bridge laying around and thought of trying them on my Squier Bass VI.
    With the current saddles, the string spacing is 55mm causing the high e to almost hang off the end. The Tusq saddles have 52mm spacing.
    This is one problem the Staytrem addresses. Another is the grub screws in the saddles, they seem pretty tight in the Tudq saddles, Staytrem uses the large Mustang saddles so no grubs are needed.
    And supposedly the Tusq have more sustain than the metal ones.
    The only other modification I would need to make is ground the trem as the Bass VI is grounded at the bridge's cup.

    I remember these sounded really good in my tele years ago, but not sure how they may sound in a bass.
    Anyone else use or try Tusq saddles with bass. Any positive or negative feedback from using them?
  2. walterw

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    Feb 20, 2009
    tusq is good stuff for acoustic guitars, but i don't believe that for a second.