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Two bass hit

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by hauserplenty, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Sorry, TalkBass...I was looking for this section when I first joined, but I couldn't resist posting before I found it.


    I started out as a drummer. But the bass was always there, like my mistress, and late at night, I'd go see her...sometimes during the day...eventually I made a choice, (after 20 years or so) and found TalkBass along the way.

    I have played in classic rock cover bands mostly, my attitude being that music is music, my role is to be supportive of the song, and if it makes 'em dance, you've got a chance. So if they're not dancing, it's time to figure out why. Jazz walking lines have been a real challenge for me, so along with Ed Friedland's "Building Walking Bass Lines," internet access, Scott's Bass Lessons (shout-out to SBL!) and a board with four (sometimes five) wires stretched across it, I hope improve my playing, and to (hopefully) contribute to TB any way I can...

    Along the way, I've had to learn how to do my own setups and wiring, and the instrument is just so fascinating, what more can I do but go play it...

    EBMM 2016 StingRay, black w/maple neck, strung with DR FatBeam RW's--named "Nell."
    OLP (2010?) 5-string, tuxedo edition, with an extra-long thumbrest I'm told I can also use to play a low B at times. Same strings as above.--"Layla."
    A fretless mash-up OLP/Chandler neck "Frankenbass" I call FUMP*: --"Pattie." Strung with flatwounds of unknown origin. More of which later...

    My first "real" bass was a Precision, until I found I just couldn't get the sound I wanted anymore, so I traded it in on a StingRay. Sometimes I miss it, but it was the right choice.
    I use whatever amplifier I can build and keep working with my leftover Heathkit radio parts, empty bottles, bailing wire, Erector set and bits of string. If it catches fire onstage, I can always douse it with washing powder.

    *With apologies to Milt Hinton.
  2. Welcome and do chime in. Look forward to your comments.

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