SOLD US G&L JB-2 bass (empress)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by craigb, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    Hey Y'all,

    Ok, having dipped my toe off the wagon of "no GAS" I've gone completely off the deep end into full repeated churn mode. And it all started with my trying to add an L2K to my small set of basses. Oh well, embrace the chaos, I say. With that intro I've got an awesome JB2 available that I'm working to turn into some other stuff:

    - now discontinued US G&L JB-2
    - 7.1 lbs with an empress wood body & yukon gold finish
    - 1.5" nut width neck, satin finish (I'll get exact deets when I photo the build sheet)
    - excellent condition
    - current wiring: DiMarzio Model J pickups with series/parallel push/pull for each pickup and for the pair (many, many combinations to try)
    - also includes tolex case, original pickups, and the original set of pots that they were attached to

    $995 $900 $875 shipped CONUS, discount for cash'n'carry in Houston

    no more trades -- I've committed to buy 2 other G&Ls so cash/paypal only on this one now

    as with so many of my G&Ls this one came from my favorite enabler who got it from my favorite dealer and the pics are still up at Rocket Music - GLJB2YukonGoldSOLD

    my pics coming this weekend, although Greg's are better and it still looks just like that
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  2. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    Let me say a little more about this bass. I got it from the original special orderer and it's a pretty rare bird in that I don't think very many JB2s were made with empress bodies. G&L did discontinue the model (you can still get a JB for passive jazz style bass, or an MJ4 for active). The reasons I'm a fan of the JB2 model over those others are:

    1) passive -- I prefer passive basses. Call me a luddite - even though I'm an engineer in the computing arena I like having my basses be as simple as possible. Less to go wrong on gigs

    2) non-offset body -- Do I think J basses (or G&L JBs) look good? Sure I do, I'm a sucker for control plates and pickguards (Stingray 4s, Jazzes, and Sabres are some of my favorite looking basses). But I have hyper-sensitive wrists and the way a jazz/JB offset body hangs on a strap doesn't agree with me. I prefer a P-style body - my fave is the slimmed G&L SB-1/2 body but the regular L-series and JB2 body works just fine as well for me.

    And this specific one has a feature I think is a big plus -- it has a "football plate" jack. That means replacing the jack when it goes bad is no big deal. It's not that massive surface-mount panel jack thing that side-mount jack G&Ls have had forever. To be honest I have yet to have to replace one of those but I've read of others who have and found it a pain.

    And a comment on the DiMarzio Model Js that are installed. G&L MFD pickups have completely sold me on adjustable pole pieces. To get the ultimate string-to-string balance I want adjustable poles are a must. These are the only J-style pickups I've found with adjustable poles. When I compare this JB2 with the ModelJs vs my Trib JB2 with OEM pickups I am really satisfied with what the adjustable poles give me for better string balance. I wired it up with all push-pull pots so I can set each pickup individually in series or parallel and set the pair of pickups in parallel (normal J wiring where both volumes work) or series (deeper, wider tone - only one volume and the tone work). I have a couple of settings that are my favorites, but you may prefer different settings.

    So that, along with the 7.1lb weight is why I like this JB2. Then why am I selling? Mostly fickleness. If you know me you know I rotate through G&L models and it's time to rotate out the JB2s and rotate in more L2/1Ks and/or SB1/2s
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  3. That may be the lightest G&L ever.
  4. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    It's pretty light, but not the lightest. I had another empress G&L that was 7.0lbs (and one that was 7.4 IIRC) and have seen a few listed as under 7. I do think it may be in the running for the lightest JB2 ever :)
  5. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    Hmmm . . . recognized the urge to drop JB2s may be my "normal" model preference rotation. Off the market for a bit while I confirm.

    Would still trade for the right L2K

    OK, only one JB2 needs to stick around and either the Trib or US would work for me. So I'd do a cash deal or trade for this one
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  6. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    wait, what, no pics from me? I swore I took pics of both JB2s this weekend - gotta dig around the other computer when I get home tonight

    If not, pics coming as soon as I'm home when it's light enough for pics
  7. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    Yeah, I'm in full churn mode now - back for sale, very specific trades, embrace the chaos is my new motto
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  8. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

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  9. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    OK, JB2s are dead to me again -- want to turn this into stuff with MFDs. Ready to wheel and deal, or maybe just put in an order with Greg if it sells for sufficient cash
  10. badsneakers

    badsneakers Supporting Member

    May 31, 2004
    Oh man I want this.
    I don’t suppose you’re interested in heavy tube Amps??
    Say a Mesa 400 in a roadcase or a Fender 300 Pro?
  11. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    Sorry - I'm a class D wimp. I've got 3 class D heads and a few 30# cabs. So other than the AK Hathor 1505 i'm not interested in any other amp stuff (and especially not if it's heavy :)).
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  12. badsneakers

    badsneakers Supporting Member

    May 31, 2004
    Right on. Wish I had some cash at the moment.
  13. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    OK, packed all the "for sale" basses away in cases & bags so they aren't hanging on the wall saying "play me, change your mind"

    price drop to see if that gets it moving, I'm taking a loss but am ready to move on
  14. Red Planet

    Red Planet Inactive

    May 29, 2005
    I'm cranky in my old age.
    How about a Black and Maple Fender American P5 for the G&L? Mint condition unplayed with hardshell Fender case and all hang tags etc....
  15. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    Sorry, my wrists keep me a dedicated 1.5" nut width G&L guy - those are the only necks I can play completely comfortably.
  16. Red Planet

    Red Planet Inactive

    May 29, 2005
    I'm cranky in my old age.

    I understand actually this P has a very shallow neck so its pretty easy to play. I'm a sucker for these Empress basses got two already. My favorite is the LB-100.
  17. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    I wish I could play a 5 - it would solve a number of my problems. But I've been unable to get comfortable even on other skinny narrow 4-strings like Ibanez Soundgears. While it is limiting at least G&L skinny necks work for me so I've got quality options.

    I'm a big empress fan. I've had a couple pass through and am planning to order one to my specifications once I sell the G&Ls I have listed. If I happen to come across a trade that is pretty close to what I'd order I'll go for that, but otherwise I'm accumulating funds for the custom order.
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  18. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    in a week or so I'll put it back to factory (reinstall OEM pups with vol/vol/tone) and sell off the DiMarzio pups separately (or put them in a drawer for the future)
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  19. oldtech


    Apr 26, 2010
    Bump for someone to please buy this thing so it will stop taunting me.
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  20. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    give in to the dark side, you know you want to . . .

    hmmm, think I'll sig that quote
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