Value of SWR amps nowadays?

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  1. I was curious what people think the value of SWR amps are these days. I think they are excellent amps. I have a SWR Baby Blue II Combo (1993) which has an all-tube preamp and it sounds pretty darn good! Someone offered me to trade for a Markbass NY 121 cab, which is one I've been eyeballing (on account of the portability + power, and I generally love MB stuff). I have an Aguilar Tone Hammer 350 I would use for it. Are SWR's considered more valuable at all after they got bought out by Fender in 2003? Certainly harder to find.... I believe the Baby Blue II was something like $1000+ in its heyday? I've been going back and forth on selling or trading it since I honestly have no idea of its value. And I know "value" is different for everybody, but I'm am mostly wondering if old SWR's are now considered more valuable than they were or if they're just kind of meh, dying out. Love to hear your thoughts.
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    Nov 29, 2004
    Baby blue has held its value better than the rest of the line IMO
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    As technology progresses to lightweight options, I feel as though bass gear will go into three major groups.

    1) Lightweight amps and cabs. My guess is that this will be the overwhelming majority for another decade or so. There's still something sexy about having an amp for most of us.

    2) Old school tube amp hold outs. That's where I live, at least for another decade or so. :D

    3) Amp modelers. This will eventually take over for good. But not next year.

    That doesn't leave a lot of demand for the SWR, GK 400/800RB, vintage Acoustic solid state, Sunn solid state, Thunderfunk, SVT 3 Pro, etc. crowd. There are still some enthusiasts for these amps out there. But they are few, relatively speaking.

    I would trade it before it's worth almost nothing, or keep it in the jam room forever.

    Just my two cents.
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