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For Sale (Vid) Eminence Portable 5-String Removable neck Bass (OBO)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by bassfacer22, May 29, 2018.

  1. Price:
    Make me an offer.

    This is a Pro-level Customized portable Upright bass.

    It's time for my custom baby to leave home. I finished my tour in Australia and I have two of these Eminence basses! I need someone to put this badboy to use, since It will now just sit in my home collecting dust.

    This is a really customized Eminence 5-string (low-B) Removable neck bass. it has been worked on to make it play like butter. I've absolutely put in at least $800 extra into customizing this.

    It is meant for flying and comes apart by the neck and is very easy to setup. I have everything that comes with it and includes a soft gig Bag. If you need the HardShell SKB case, lets talk.

    This bass comes with completely new strings, and a never used at all David Gauge Realist pickup. (I used my own custom pickups)

    Almost everything has been customized, Custom Bridges, custom gold gears, Sound post has even been setup by David Gauge's shop in New York!

    This bass is a work horse, It's been through my tour so it comes with the usual wear and tear, You can see in the pictures I did put a ding in it near the f-hole but it's been repaired as it was just a small scratch.
    See video. It is a great steal because these are hard to find.

    Whose ready to step up to the Portable (custom) Eminence 5-string Removable neck bass that I've spend at-least $1200 extra on custom work on it.

    These only pop up every so often.

    Comes with standard equipment (hip holder and soft gig bag)

    I have extra things, ask if interested.

    I apologize for the mess in the photos, I just unpacked from flying!


    IMG_20180529_181305.jpg IMG_20180529_181316.jpg IMG_20180529_181321.jpg IMG_20180529_181330.jpg IMG_20180529_181333.jpg IMG_20180529_181338.jpg IMG_20180529_181342.jpg IMG_20180529_181416.jpg IMG_20180529_181506.jpg IMG_20180529_181510.jpg

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  2. Sort of kicking tires at this point. Is it still for sale? I have a Steinberger WAV 4 I use when not playing my upright and am looking for a sound more like the Epiphone which I can't seem to get with the WAV. How do you amp it? Thanks

  3. I used a WalterWoods amp with a Fearless 12 cab. I also had custom bridges made for this.

    Now the unfortunate thing is I just left home and I'm in Sweden right now. I probably won't get back till November. However if you are 100% sure you would like this bass, I would have to have my folks pack it up and send it to you. But I'd prefer to pack it and send it myself.
  4. Hey, thanks so much for the reply. I am in no rush at this point wicked busy playing out and I would want to move my WAV 4 along before. Were about in Sweden? My granddaughter is headed over next week going to try and find my grams homestead and such. Lets stay in touch. I think we can do this through this site. I will try and find someone here in New England and see if I can get to play it to see. Good reports from other bass players I know who have heard it. Think it would play well through a small Promethean P3110-H (Ibenez)
  5. I think the worst I have heard the eminence bass was with certain pickups not correctly installed and played through Hartke Speakers..

    So I imagine the Promethean 3110 would sound fine. It's about what pickup you use and if it is installed properly to showcase the frequencies that you like.

    Placing the Realist pickup in different locations under the Foot of the bridge actually changes how hot it is, and some of the frequencies. So for me, it has been dependent on which pickup you want to use and then yes, the kind of speaker you use with the placement of where the pickup is.

    I can show you videos of the different sounds I got with the same bass but just using different speakers and pickups.

    They should be on that youtube channel.
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