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  1. bassfart


    May 5, 2008
    How do I make a Video like this?

    I have been just using my iPhone, but i don't get this kind of sound quality. What are the tools I need to make a video like this?
  2. You'll need:
    1 computer, equipped with recording software and a sound card
    1 amplifier capable of an aux out/usb out/headphone out
    software for editing sound and video, so you can blend the original and the bass recording with a video.
    Record your bass while listening to the track, while also recording video.
    Place your video in your editing software, line up your bass track, line up your song, export, upload.

    I did an instrumental cover of a song in 2013, and learned this stuff the hard way. Well, part of it at least. Cameras are no good for audio recording! :(