SOLD WAL Mk3 5 String with LEDs

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    Nov 7, 2014
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    Hey everyone... this is obviously a hard decision but I have decided to make my fretless 5 string Wal with L.E.D.s available to someone else. The bass was made in 2001 and is signed off by the late Pete “The Fish” Stevens... also included is a picture of Pete holding the bass upon it’s completeion. Note the chrome tuners facing downward like that of a Warwick... I don’t think I have seen this on any other Wal.
    I purchased this bass a few years ago and immediately knew I wanted to keep it. That is until I got a 6 string fretless Wal... and now I feel like I am hoarding. I shipped the electronics to Paul at Wal to have them updated last year so they should be good for the next 15 years or so.

    This bass features Schedua facings in excellent condition. There is only one minor ding to the body where the bass rests on your leg when sitting. I will try to get better pictures of it in the sunlight tomorrow. The bass also features bright red LEDs along the side of the neck. These were incredibly useful on the two higher end shows I decided to use this on. Other than that it has never been taken out of the House. For the most part I have used La Bella Black tapewound strings to keep from creating any fretboard wear. The bass is currently strung with round wounds, both sets will be included.
    The Ebony fretboard has normal wear and is still in good condition. I will also try to get better pictures uploaded of it as well.
    This Incredible Wal is extremely light at 9.4 lbs. due to its slim mk3 body and lack of frets.
    Bass includes a very sturdy anvil style hard case... and includes the original Wal tools needed for adjustments.
    I will pay for shipping and insurance to the contiguous 48 states. Any questions please feel free to ask... I am only interested in a trade if it involves another Wal. Thanks for having a look.
    CF6908AC-5B1C-4188-80F0-FED40019D71E.jpeg 3CF8E63B-13AE-48F2-91D9-F2D5BBE61E76.jpeg 3305B6DA-C344-48DF-B9E0-BC443BD7F701.jpeg 6BC462C4-3091-493A-9C26-3BE00EED715E.jpeg
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    Nov 7, 2014
    I forgot to note... the original owner had a second hole drilled for a second strap button. I have included a picture. 4DA2B3FF-ABDB-4F2D-B9D1-278675ED9B47.jpeg C9709B4A-4D55-4F24-9B6B-00675A404478.jpeg

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    Nov 7, 2014
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  4. kulit17

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    nothing wrong with hoarding ;)
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    Gorgeous instrument! What is the nut width and the string spacing at the bridge?
  6. BWorm

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    Nov 7, 2014
    Hi there, thanks for the interest. The string spacing at the bridge is 17mm and I will have to get the nut measurement to you this afternoon...
  7. nick333


    Nov 3, 2012
    LEDS - ON or BETWEEN the "frets" ?
  8. BWorm

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    Nov 7, 2014
    On the frets, Sir. Super comfortable and easy to play.
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    Gorgeous bass, said one hoarder to another! :)
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    Nov 7, 2014
    Well, typical less than 24 hour Wal sale. Congratulations to a soon to be first time Wal owner. I guess there is no turning back now, for me. Begin sellers remorse in 3, 2, 1..
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