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  1. Palomo


    Jun 16, 2017

    Keeping up the jazz theme, im wondering if anyone of you has studied the acoustic/audio phenomenon that happens with the walking bass technique of a jazz song, such as there is not greater love, and making the melody over it with a bass too.

    i'll try to explain what i believe that happens, but i would like to know if you have studied it.
  2. Palomo


    Jun 16, 2017
    there are 2 things that you should be aware of:
    English is not my native lenguage so, writing about acoustics is tough for me.
    This is about 2 basses playing together, one making the melody and the other making the harmony.

    The similar sound of the basses make a confuse sensation when trying to separate the melody from the harmony. (psicoacoustics).

    The important fact is the harmonics of the bass timber. having so close frecuencies in some notes, taking note of that the bigger distance in playing in the lower octave and being in the higher one is close, makes possible that there occurs cancelation of some harmonics and a wreird sensation, close from being out of tune, different from playing along with a guitar but where the same phenomenon occurs but it doesnt occurs at the same frecuencies and its harder to note it.
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  3. I agree - two basses playing the same chords make mud.
    One playing the melody in a higher range, say, 12th fret up and then another bass laying down a bass line in first position should work.
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