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Warmoth build questions

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Paul Balides, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Paul Balides

    Paul Balides

    Apr 12, 2019
    looking to build a p bass, and how much does the body contribute to the total weight. Warmoth bodies cans range up to 1lb depending on variables.

    I want to end up with something in the 8-8.5lb range. For example What would a 4.5lb body end up as with standard fender neck, and parts etc?

    Also does a Warmoth p bass body route accept a fender precision neck as a drop in or does it need additional fitting shimming etc.
  2. jongor


    Jan 11, 2003
    Email Warmoth, they’re always very helpful answering questions.

    To your second question, I believe they’re neck pockets are standard Fender dimensions, but again check their website and/or email them.
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  3. funkinbottom

    funkinbottom Supporting Member

    Apr 23, 2006
    Northern CA.
    I would imagine in the 8 - 9 lb range, depending on the neck and parts. Some of those high mass bridges weigh a good bit. Tuning machines can get a bit weighty. Are you going with ultralight tuners? If you already own the neck, weigh that and figure another pound or so for hardware. Bridge, tuning machines, pickguard, electronics, knobs, control plate, strings etc, all contribute to total weight, and can add up quick.

    Yes, should bolt right on with out issues. From Warmoth web site.

    "Warmoth has held to the Fender® dimensions in all our offerings (exceptions noted). Of significant note is the 3-bolt "micro-tilt" arrangement. Warmoth does not offer a neck to fit the 3-bolt body."

    I normaly don't email them, I call. I have had good luck getting right through to a sales rep with little, to no wait time. Give 'em a call. They are extremely helpful and nice.
  4. Paul Balides

    Paul Balides

    Apr 12, 2019
    It seems the lightest finished bodies they have are in the 4-4.5 range
  5. eastcoasteddie


    Mar 24, 2006
    With regards to their necks, they can weigh more than a standard neck if you get the steel stiffening rods. The graphite rods save about 8 oz. over the steel.
  6. ArteK

    ArteK Supporting Member

    I’ve always had to do a bit of sanding of the neck pocket to get Fender necks to fit. I’ve put together three or four of these.

    The swamp ash bodies tend to be pretty light, even when finished. I don’t know exactly the total weight, but they’ve always always been fairly light and comfortable for me.
  7. pudge

    pudge Supporting Member

    Sep 13, 2008
    Graphite rods and hipshot tuners should save you a bunch on the neck end of it,stay away from the super heavy bridge and use a swamp ash body you should have no prob hitting your weight goal.
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  8. hypercarrots


    Jan 28, 2009
    los angeles
    i have a fender classic 50s lacquer p bass body that weighs 4lb 13.75oz unloaded.
    that is paired with a 1976 fender p bass neck with original tuners that weighs 2lb 7.375oz.
    assembled, the whole bass weighs 8lb 8.625oz with strings, the original bridge, pickguard, pickups, electronics, knobs and neckplate. no bridge or pickup covers or thumbrest installed.
    a 4lb body should result in a bass that is under 8lbs
  9. Bodeanly

    Bodeanly Supporting Member

    Mar 20, 2015
    Every time I’ve used a Fender neck with a Warmoth body (or vice versa), I’ve had to get the existing neck holes plugged and have new ones drilled. Fit is fine otherwise.

    I find their necks contribute greatly to a bass’s overall weight. I always get the steel reinforcement rods and use ultralite tuners. It helps to alleviate dive, which, to me, is the only weight factor that really matters. I will take a heavier body over neck dive any day of the week.
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  10. BobKos


    Apr 13, 2007
    My rule of thumb is roughly 3 lb for a loaded neck and 1 ~ 1.5 lb for the body mounted hardware. Steel rods do add weight to the neck and graphite is a lighter / more expensive option, but IMO rods steel or graphite are a great idea and worth the weight cost. It all adds up so you must select each item carefully if your goal is an 8lb bass. A good preamp can add .5 lb. I have a couple chambered Warmoth Jazz Basses and they are amazing. One Jazz Bass is 8.5 lbs with big singles and an East preamp. The other 7.5 lbs with lighter pups and preamp. However - ordering chambered does not guarantee light weight. Also - the suggestion above about swamp ash is no guarantee either. In fact, there are NO guarantees - only guidelines. I like warmoth's showcase because the product is done and the weight displayed. You pay a premium for a lighter finished body but IMO it is worth it. I would consider roasted ash possibly chambered or back routed (rear load controls). I have seen 3.8 lb bodies sold in the past so patience is a virtue. My current quest is a SS Jazz body swamp ash close to or under 4 lbs.
  11. Robert Darby

    Robert Darby Supporting Member

    Mar 23, 2018
    I tend to like my bodies in the 4.5 to 5 range. My first build was under 4 and the neck dive starts to become an issue. You should be fine if you stay in that range.

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