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Warwick streamerLX jazzman 4. Help please

Discussion in 'Warwick Basses' started by Wonky donkey, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Wonky donkey

    Wonky donkey

    Jan 11, 2014
    I've got a chance to buy a used warwick bass at what I think is a good price but I have a few questions as I'm not clued up with Warwicks

    Its a streamer lx jazzman, 4 string, in an oiled violet type colour (not my preferred choice but still)....

    Now, I think its a German made warwick, there is no reference to rb or pro series anywhere on it. It just says made in Germany onthe back electrics cover plate.....?

    It plays lovely, great toenail control, but most notably the super flat neck which I seem to be able to play twice a s fast/good on !

    I just want to be sure what I'm buying is in deed a German made warwick.

    Its up for £800 but as a shop regular and friend, I can have a cash deal of £599 as it came in as a trade in.....

    Normally, bass/ guitar purchases for me are always a trade in with what i already have, but I have a fender jazz bass i just don't want to part with..... The jazz only has half the out put of the warwick and in comparrison the neck is slow and muddy (and its actually a very nice bass!) ....so this deals gonna be all cash, no trade in, so I have to be sure.
    Is there any way of identifying the warwick as a German made model?

    One other thing.... It when i play the bottom end and dig in a fair bit I'm getting a bit of distortion ? I changed the battery for a new one,still the same? It was a half decnt amp i was playing it through so I don't think it was the amp.........I'm a little cautious as I've seen how much the electronic mec components are and they are expensive !!!!
    Any ideas? Are they prone to any issues ?

    Is £599 a good price for a used, fair condition jazzman?

    Your advice as warwick fans is appreciated .:bassist:
  2. I have no experience with the Jazzman but if you have the serialnumber, you might check it on the Warwick homepage. You'll already get a little more info about the bass itself there.
  3. Arron2882


    Jan 7, 2011
    Bend, Oregon
    I have the same model. As far as I know they are made in Germany. Keep in mind this bass has a hot output. Im not on top of currency rates, but it sounds like a good deal. Its a really sweet instrument, very versatile. Don't worry about the color. I would still buy one if it was pink and had butterflies on it. Rb models generally have maple necks, so if you have wenge or ovankol you have a good clue that its German made
  4. Wonky donkey

    Wonky donkey

    Jan 11, 2014
    Great stuff, thanks, its wenge neck.....
    You just don't see warwicks coming up on the second hand market were i am?

    Any ideas on the bottom end fuzz? It's not any kind of fret noise is electronic....
    I understand you can turn up/ down the output inside the back panel ? Perhaps its set a little too high out?

    Cautious incase there's an electrical fault , not only is it expensive inside that control panel, it looks bloody complicated !!!!
  5. Arron2882


    Jan 7, 2011
    Bend, Oregon
    Hard to say what can be causing the fuzz. I would think it could be a eq issue. Try some different settings and see if you can't eliminate that first. Mec is generally solid, but anything is possible with electronics. I'm not aware of anyway to adjust the output inside the control cavity, but I'm not an expert. I hope it works out for you
  6. mpayne86


    Aug 14, 2012
    is it passive or active? tried another cable?