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Warwick Thumb N/T EQ'ing

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Jordy, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. I sure hope this is in the correct area. I think it is because although it is kind of set-up related it is for a specific bass...
    But I digress...

    I recently received my new Warwick Thumb NT 5 from the Warwick custom shop. I've had it for a couple of weeks now and I'm in love, I think it looks, sounds, wears and plays beautifully.

    Now, if there is one thing I can be known for it's indecisiveness :p , and while I love pretty much any sound she makes, I'm having trouble setting it up with a more or less 'definitive' EQ set-up. One day i'll tweak away and be in aural heaven, then the next I'll just run it in passive mode and think it sounds even better.
    This isn't really a problem, since it never sounds bad, just different :D
    So, just out of interest really, how do all you other Thumb players use your EQ.


    You get the idea :D
    No point to this other than curiosity really...
  2. ooo ooo... which one is it on their site??? pics pics

    Slightly panned to the back. Flat everything. Except volume, that's full.
  3. On the custom shop section of the Warwick.de german language site it's the one listed under "Thumb Bass 5-saiter mit Wenge Hals" . The custom shop's recent additions havent been updated in english as yet.

    It's just a new Thumb bass with a few of the old-style options.
    Eg. Wenge/Bubinga neck instead of Ovangkol
    Recesses strap locks instead of strap buttons
    Brass Just-A-Nut I instead of Wilfrite Just-A-Nut II

    Seeing the figuring on the Bubinga in person floors me every time I open the case :hyper:
  4. I'm also in the process of putting pics of it up. I've just got to clear all of my Christmas ones off the camera :D
  5. [​IMG][/IMG]


    These are two of the pics of it on the Warwick site.
    Sorry for getting off topic :p
  6. Daywalker


    Apr 13, 2005
    I always give it a small mid boost, but I turn the lows and highs up a lot. Gives it what I like to call the "Martinie" tone...
  7. AmPb100


    Apr 25, 2005
    Ha as in Ryan Martinie. I get it!...I'm bored.

    But yeah I usually keep the eq on the amp flat except for a boost around 120-150 to get the growl more forward. Be careful in that freq range can muddy up your sound.
  8. Come on, there must be more Thumb players creeping around here that could share some tone preferences... :eyebrow:

    *looks around hopefully*

    I'm cold and frightened... :bawl:
  9. In hindsight I should probably have specified that I meant on-board EQ. I leave the amp flat. :meh:
  10. Keeaumoku


    Dec 29, 2004
    Hey, Jordy... I appreciate you posting this thread. I'm kinda right there with you... wondering about EQ-ing my axe, too.

    Last August I walked into a somewhat 'unique' music store here in Honolulu; they will have something really special to offer every now and then, and low and behold... they had a Warwick Thumb-5 NT hanging from their ceiling... along with several other fine basses and guitars, of course. This particular Thumb was used... 1999 vintage. Let me say that this bass was, and still is, in 'excellent' condition! When the guy at the store told me they wanted $1300US for it... I immediately whipped-out the Mastercard, and walked out with it. I even got them to toss-in a top-quality gig bag for free!

    I love the feel of this bass. I have no problem with its weight... it is kinda heavy, and for some, who have expressed their opinions, rather neck-heavy. I don't really notice this bass as being neck-heavy all that much, but 'heavy'... yeah. It will get that way late in a 45-minute set... but that's okay! I don't mind paying that price...

    I find the tone, and especially the sustain that this bass can produce as something truly amazing. As Warwick's 'motto' says: "The Sound of Wood..." So, having said all of this, I am still 'working on my sound' with this bass. My other axe is a Fender Stu Hamm Urge-II, and its over all sound/tone is so completely different from the Thumb NT. One thing that I find myself having to do is: when I swap basses during a gig, I have to make very different adjustments to my amp, an Aguilar DB750. The Fender is 'louder' than the Thumb. This means that, changing over to the Thumb from the Stuey, I have to turn up volume levels, as well as increasing EQ levels... usually a boost on the mids... a little on the highs, and maybe a slight bump on the lows. Whenever I go back to the Fender, I have to be sure to turn back these adjustments... 'cuz, if I don't, I'll blow everyone back up against the walls!

    So... I'm just wondering if all of this adjusting and re-adjusting is simply inherent with the "Sound of Wood..." I do gotta say this... I get some of the sweetest sounds out of my Thumb-NT... especially when I'm just playing alone... making stuff up... you know what I mean?

    Anyway... I'll be watching this thread, and hope to see more posts from other Thumbers, too... :bassist:
  11. maxbass


    May 22, 2002
    Milano Italy
    I have an old one, a 1989 4 strings with EMG's.
    My onboard eq. is always defeated.
    btw, mine has the 2 way electronics.
  12. threshar


    Jul 30, 2002
    hey Keeaumoku!

    I'm in the warwick / urge II camp too!
    Yeah, you do have to tweak settings a bit.

    I'm going from the urge to a corvette std fretless 4.
    I just love that warwick sound (and I got a ton fo compliments on my 'new' sound after my first gig with it). I've been thinking of possibly selling the urge for a thumb. How does the thumb compare to the urge in terms of slap and or tap? (Two things that bass is great for)
  13. Thumb NT 5: balance centred, mids, bass and treble flat, volume full

    I'm aslo struggling to get the perfect tone from this bass... it sounds good no matter how I set it (even passive with no EQ), but it never sounds amazing to me?