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Warwick Triumph?

Discussion in 'Electric Upright Basses (EUB's) [DB]' started by bornaginbassist, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. :help: Can anyone give any comment / advice on the Warwick Triumph? I am in the market for a EUB and, as has been mentioned in this forum several times, here in the UK the choice of dealers and instruments is quite limited. I aim to visit a couple of London dealers soon to try some and would like to do so with as much prior knowledge as possible. There is plenty of useful comment here about the NS and others but nothing it seems about the Warwick. There is a limited info on warwickbass.com, including mention of "a unique passive mixing system" which I would be quite interested to know more about. Thanks.
  2. Hi bornagain, It sounds like were in the same boat regarding looking for an EUB, I emailed Warwick about the Triumph and they told me to contact the bass centre in London, they dont have any in stock but I think they can get hold of them, no info on price though, The Bass was formally a Framus model ( I think Warwick took over Framus).
    Check out the bass Gallery, they also have a couple of EUB in stock.
  3. There's a Triumph at my local dealer - I've played it a few times, but it's well out of my price range at $5000 (Australian).

    It's much the same as the vintage Framus, with vintage magnetic pickup on the end of the fingerboard except they've added a piezo pickup on the bridge. There's a simple blend control, and I found the best sound was a mix of both.

    As a BG player, this is the easiest action I've encountered on an upright - very light and responsive. The build quality is as you'd expect from Warwick - good quality woodwork, finish and hardware all round. It actually looks much nicer in reality than the pic on their website.

    I suspect an upright player would find the sound a bit too 'electric' but I thought it was a very playable instrument with a good range of useable sounds.

    "I think Warwick took over Framus"

    The Framus company closed down in 1975. The founder's son started Warwick in 1982. They recently started making 'Framus' guitars again.
  4. Thanks ToneRanger. Just seen your reply in thread about the original Framus. I agree $5,000 Aus. sounds well over the top. If I'm not mistaken that's somewhere around £2,400 British - the price range suggested to me here was about £1,000. I'm hoping to try one soon - your comments will help - thanks again.
  5. Hi - Just to let you know that the London Basscentre has a Triumph in stock priced at £999. I looked at it today and liked it, but in the event I liked the NS Design better and came away with a CR4.
  6. Congrats on the new bass Bornagain :) . I think I'm going to go for the NS4M, it may take a while though :crying:
    any chance of an MP3? :bassist:
  7. Thanks subaudio. I chose the CR4 against the CR4M for much the same reason as that prolific poster and NS advocate on here, Bruce Lindfield chose his. I have several BGs, fretted and fretless, with mag pickups and thought I would go for the different sound of piezo only. Still experimenting and not expecting the same sound as acoustic DB but pretty pleased with it so far. I mainly went for an EUB because my main band has some songs I think would be good with bowed bass and I don't have the space, big enough car etc for an acoustic. Got a bit of learning and confidence building to do before I gig it though! Sorry, not tooled up or techie enough to do MP3s - one day maybe!
  8. bassbo


    Jan 27, 2005
    I have an old Framus that I play frequently. It also had a badly warped neck so I replaced the ebony fingerboard. (needs to be a 4/4 size one) That did the trick. You should ask for a substantial reduction on the price.