Warwick truss rod

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  1. BertM

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    Sep 8, 2009
    I bought a Warwick corvette std ad little while ago and it was clear when I bought it the owner before me took horrible care of it. The finish was chipping and its playability was nowhere near what it should be.

    I started attacking the playability problem by tightening the truss rod to lessen the relief which was more than I would have liked. I started by turning it gradually 1/8-1/4 turns. At first I noticed a difference in the neck the next but after a few 2 times or so of doing this I stopped being able to note a difference. This caused me to worry a bit.

    Yesterday when I went to adjust it a bit more it made a crack/creaking sound while I was turning it about 1/4 turn, so I immeditely stopped. I'm mostly worried about the sound, since the truss rod is moving the neck I could see the sound being common, but just wanted to make sure. The pressure I've had to turn the nut with seems to to not have gone up and there is still more relief in the neck than I would like (I like my necks pretty much straight). So what do you guys think, is it fine or should I just take into an expert and have them finish the job?

    Hmm just realized that this should probably go into the setup section, sorry for posting in the wrong spot
  2. Morning Beer

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    Oct 2, 2009
    Its not unusual to hear that, and wick necks are pretty hardy. On the other hand if it was me and I was starting to get the point where I wasn't completely comfortable with what was going on, I'd bring it in. Setups aren't that much and easy to maintain once its where you want in.