Water based dye bleeding through Tung Oil finish

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    May 24, 2018
    So hello all! I recently stripped down an old squire bass of mine. I used water based dye to stain it and really happy with the result... however... I’m noticing after applying 3 coats of Tung Oil finish by Minwax.. that the ink is still coming off to a damp rag. I’m worried about the Ink coming off from sweat while playing and think I need to go another route for a finish.

    Is it safe to use a wipe on poly over the coats of Tung Oil I used?

    If the ink is still coming off after the coats of Tung Oil, will the same thing happen after a wipe on poly finish?

    This is my first project like this so any help and input would be greatly appreciated. I just hope that all is not lost and I can still use the ink stain I have and not have to start over. Again any input is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I recently did the same with stain and truoil style finish. I found the dye stopped coming off as I applied more and more coats. However, the final product wasn't as dark as when I'd started. I was hoping for a really black finish but ended up with more like cola. I'm happy, but yes it will effect it. I think it depends on what the stain is thinned with.
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    May 24, 2018
    I used water based ink and water and just layered it starting with a black coat, then adding in blue for a bit of a roughing effect. I love the way it looks just am getting paranoid about it always wearing off due to it being a water based dye. I think I’m going to just try more coats of the Oil to see where I’m at. I was tempted to try the tru Oil also but opted for the Tung Oil because it seemed like an easier finish for a newbie like me lol.

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