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We Need More Sound!!!

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by geebee_r1, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. We were asked to play a local charity event to help raise money to fight cancer...of course we can't say no such a great cause. Besides, we're all a bunch of military guys that like to play together and getting any gig is a real treat for us.

    Anyway, our gui**** got it in his head that our current sound setup wouldn't be adequate for the venue (an outdoor track/football arena at the local high school) and started discussions with a local sound guy that's done "concert-level sound" before (equipment and such). Our drummer quickly jumped on the bandwagon and as one thing led to another the conversation steered towards videos and CD's (which isn't a bad idea...), dedicated sound system for the drums, monitor speakers and even a lighting system. Uh...when did the reality train jump the tracks? Uh...we're playing a high school track...not the Amway Arena (closest large venue).

    Our current setup is no slouch...we have a really good PA system and both mine and the guitarists amps are more than adequate (though he mic's his through the PA).

    Besides, the high school is located adjacent to a residential area and we were slated to go on at 10pm...not the best of circumstances for "big sound"...maybe if it were in the late afternoon...but at night not so much. I was just really uncomfortable with the idea that we were going to spend hundreds for a sound system setup (that physically would have taken most of the small stage) when we're playing an event to raise money for charity...seemed a little pretentious to me.

    Well, we did a sound check in the morning and as we suspected, we had ample sound to be heard adequately at all points in the event area. The sound guy when told "no thanks" for the second time, proceeded to give our gui**** grief and tried to swindle money out of him for his time spent thus far (uh...what did he do for us up to this point...nothing at all...I never even seen the dude).

    I learned a few lessons with this whole mess...first, look at the venue and then make a determination of what equipment is actually needed and would be suitable, second is that ego's are pretty big in the music biz...even at the amatuer levels. We had every mic plug on the PA used as our drummer couldn't let go of the idea of NOT being mic'd and our gui**** used up the others with his amp and singing mic. I was the easiest of the bunch...I don't need the stinking PA...I have my own power and plenty of sound to make it work in most places...though my system is incredibly portable and small (Carvin BRX212 and a 2.10Neo Cab...both fit in the back of a Mini perfectly!). I kept chuckling to myself as we really had too much stuff being pumped through the PA for the speakers we had to handle it well...it sounded good mind you, but you can tell we were pushing the limits.

    The event went well minus a little power problem...we rocked it out until midnight and helped raise a little $$ for a good cause.


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