What Ashdown cab is this ?

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    May 2, 2013

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  2. ASS 212 and 115 made by Tony Rossell at ASS speakers for Ashdown in the UK.
    Specials just a limited run and made for John, unfortunately Tony has retired now and ASS is no longer.
    The 115 is similar to the old Turbosound TSE 115 http://www.kirsch-akustik.de/downloads/tse115.pdf
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  3. Nobody wanted to sound like ASS and the brand died a natural death?
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  4. Maybe i should have written it in full - Acoustic Sound Systems
    They made some of the best quality PA systems in England but bass bins were generally very heavy due to using high quality drivers like the PD 2150 and using some of the thickest wood for cabinets ive ever seen. They needed to be to cope with 1000w AES Sub frequencies (AES is power handling at minimum impedance) Precision Devices™ Product Range
    I used to work for PD in the 90s and Tony used to visit the factory in Rotherham, UK. at that time.
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