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  1. I dont really know what the differences are between different types of string. hell idont even know all the types of string. so i tried the link in the sticky thread and it didn't work. can someone clear it up for me im sooooo confused :confused:
  2. well from what I can tell you there are a few different styles

    roundwound - comes standard on most basses.

    flatwound - good for fretless as it wont damage the fingerboard
  3. they are also made out of different materials

    some are nickel some are steal nickel tends to give a tone with clearer highs but i havent tried steal so I can't go into that, sorry.
  4. Thanks.

    has anyone else got any input

    like advantages/disadvantages and recomendations
  5. My friend, I would be glad to tell you, but it would only give you a very small frame of info that can already be answered if you would just read through this first page of topics. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind you asking, its just that this entire string forum covers all of that information.