Where did all the basses go?

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  1. Ok, so I often have random thoughts that stump me. I have a bunch of basses, but it just seems like there have been far more basses built than there are players of them. They may get beat up, but in general they don't wear out. But multiple manufactures continue to pump out thousands of them every year. We should be at the point where we're over run with old basses, yet it doesn't really seem that we are. And there's apparently still demand for more? So where are all the old ones going?
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    Closet or garages...

    I played bass a few years and then my full scale ibanez sat in its case almost 20 years in the back of closet. Would have stayed there longer if i didnt tinker with short scales while my kid took guitar lessons. Found i loved shorties or just the right time in my life to play bass or both.
  3. Some sitting at home, perhaps for sale on sites like Craigslist, Reverb, eBay. Possibly sitting in used merchandise at various music shops & thirft stores.
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    hi bassmanrocke :)

    They go to Rome! :wacky:

    (omnes viae romam ducunt)

    All roads lead to Rome! :laugh:


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    Parted out is my guess.
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    If you talk to instrument retailers, many will tell you that basses are not selling because there are too many of them out there.
  7. Gone to graveyards, every one.

    Oh, when will they ever learn?
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    You'd probably be surprised how many get destroyed by fire/floods/tornados or other disasters.
    Some members here lost most or whole collections in these disasters. Many other stories of warehouses going up in flames.
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    When flipping through a Musicians Friend catalog years ago, I noted about 25 different Les Paul guitars one could order. And another 25 different Strat's and Tele guitars. And then there's AMS with a similar amount of guitars/basses listed. It struck me then that we're talking thousands of guitars/basses ready for shipment at any one time. Many will be purchased, but all of them each warehouse stocks/companies produce? It is hard to imagine. There must be industry data that would shed light on the numbers, but where they all are? My guess would be; a small percentage bought and actively played, a bigger percent bought and occasionally played, an even bigger percentage bought and stored/collected, and the biggest percentage stored at the warehouses waiting to be sold. Considering the overabundance of product - they should take cues from the clothing industry and open guitar thrift-shops to un-load old stock at blow-out prices. Imagine guitars on a circular rack where you'd flip through them like slacks and pose in front of full-length mirrors to assess if it 'fits'...
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    One day, they will all go for sale. Just wait!
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    I can probably account for the Ibanezes...
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    I have 5, thinking of cutting it down to 2, or 3, or 4.....
  14. I’ve often wondered this actually. Same with amps. I spend all this time looking for deals but there’s has to be good stuff just sitting somewhere that no one wants. People try to sell junk for way more than price all the time though. So where are all these dream rigs. Do company’s destroy stuff they can’t sell?
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    Ex wives used for firewood. .
  18. Many houses have instruments stashed away that no one plays. “That belonged to your late Uncle Harry....”

    Or they’re just sold for drugs. :greedy:
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    It is a very valid point and I have no explanation. You go to music stores and the walls are shock full of instruments at all times. I have no idea how music stores can move that much inventory on a recurring basis.