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  1. Which Ampeg cab would best fit the likes of the SVT5? When i played the SVT4 i played it on a class ic 810 and loved it but are any of the other Ampeg cabs better suited for this amp?
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  3. As far as the Ampeg range goes, a SVT-410HLF, SVT-610HLF, or the PR-410HLF would be great choices. As would the classic 810E :)
  4. So the SVT series cabs arent going to be a better fit for the Ampeg AVT5 pro head? Thats pretty much what i was wondering.
  5. I don' think that any of their cabs are necessrily a better fit (other then the fact that some are going to have pretty low RMS power handling capabilities). The SVT series cabs all have a look and tone to them. I believe that the PR 410 has a bit of a different tone then the SVT series has (but I've not played it a ton). Really, it depends on what type of sound you're going for - the 810E has a very pronounced midrange, and rolled off lows (plus it's a sealed cab which has a sound all it's own), the HLF series have a fuller bottom end. They all sound like Ampeg's though, so make sure you like the sound :)