Which DI? Radial JDV, J48, JDI, or Avalon U5.

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  1. I need some inights on those four DIs. I will be using one to record bass however I would like to have something that I can use with mics and other instruments. Also, I know that Avalon makes other pres that are exellent for bass and are versitile too so please tell me about them if you can so I may dig deeper into this subject. Price is not my primary concern as I will pay up to $2000 list.
  2. Can't go wrong with an API pre. Short of that, A Designs mp-2 (& mp-1) has an excellent DI.

    Regarding the Avalon, the m5 is a u5 with the addition of a mic pre.
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    Give the Brick a try, I think you'll like it.
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