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Which effect for guitar do you will recomend to me?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by merolbassist, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. merolbassist


    Oct 1, 2013
    I tried talkguitar and yahoo but nobody answer me, sorry


    but/// Im planing to buy a pedal from Behringer
    which one of these are good?
    Ultra Metal UM300
    Ultra Distortion UD300
    Distortionx DX300
    Power Overdrive PO300
    Heavy Distortion HD300
  2. Are you looking for a distortion pedal for your BASS guitar or regular guitar? You seem to be listing primarily guitar-based effects.

    Either way, probably try to avoid the Behringer pedals and at least go for a Boss distortion to start off with.
  3. merolbassist


    Oct 1, 2013
    regular guitar, but this is just about behringer, which one do you think is the perfect?
  4. Shardik


    May 24, 2011
    Halden, Norway
    Oh please... Behringer doesn't do guitar pedals very well. They tend to be noisy. I have had 2, one octaver and one distortion. Both were noise generators in the signal chain and the octaver died on me.

    If you want cheap and pretty good pedals, opt for Joyo.
    Edit: This looks cool:

    NB: All Behringer products are not bad. I have a small analog mixer and some microphones that have servede well through the years.
  5. Used Danelectro pedals are way better
  6. Shardik


    May 24, 2011
    Halden, Norway
    If you have locked yourself to Behringer, I think you'll have a hard time finding anyone willing to state anything about "perfection" when it comes to their pedals. The best you can hope for is "OK for the price".
  7. Only behri pedals I like and use are the ?di-21 models. Bdi21 gdi21 adi21 etc are terrific. Their boss copies are not highly regarded for noise specs and general tone so I never buy them and can't offer useful experienced opinions.

    Again. .. used dano pedals are great though and cheap. Many are patent stealing clones of great pricey pedals.

    Completely useful pro capable pedals when you get to the metal cased ones but some of Their cheaper plastic ones have great circuits too.
  8. merolbassist


    Oct 1, 2013
    You are rigth ...but right now im looking for something affordable... And probably soon... Years later i will be buying better pedals... Its about levels this is going to be like the lv1 ...
  9. kidkolumbo


    Oct 15, 2013
    St. Louis
    Wow, I didn't know Joyo existed! I own a couple behringer pedals, and they do add noise. To compensate, I just turned down the frequency that they were pushing out, but MAN with the prices of the Joyos I may have to leave them in the dust (except my BSY600).

    Any other cheap pedals like that?

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