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  1. dayslug24


    Nov 22, 2014
    I have shure pgx14 (analog) and it works well, but it does thin the tone a bit, also takes some "oomph" out of the signal but thats the trade off to have freedom from a cable.
    my question; is the signal and tone quality of a digital wireless (shure pgxd) worth upgrading for? Will the pgxd be a noticeable difference vs the pgx?
  2. BazzTard

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    From what I've read and heard, the new digital units are much clearer,obviously. You shouldn't be suffering any tone changes though,you need full reproduction, go digital. I've read good reviews on the Line6 G series,many good stories on here about them.
  3. dayslug24


    Nov 22, 2014
    Nevermind, i bought a shure glx-d today and I am not giving it back. No comparison to the analog pgx, its worth it.